Medical Search Engine Optimization

Advance to the top of internet search engines 
and dominate your competition with unlimited top rankings 
for every treatment and condition you specialize in

Search engine optimization is essential 
to the success of your medical practice 
because Google, Yahoo and Bing are where patients go 
to look up symptoms, research treatments and find doctors


Patient Engagement Content

Grow your practice by becoming the trusted source of valuable health 
information and building a loyal audience of readers.
Thanks to the internet, today’s consumers are super-informed,
and that includes your future patients.
Research shows that patients educate themselves by 
reading at least 10 pieces of content before selecting a physician.
Our team will help you engage highly qualified patients in your area 
with a constant stream of fresh and informative health content.

Social Media Marketing For Medical Practices

Generate new revenue streams for your practice 
simply by sharing valuable health content
with thousands of patients using social media.

Today, word-of-mouth referrals happen mostly on 
the social networks: Facebook and Twitter.

With our Responsive Medical MarketingTM program,
people will share your information with friends and family,
leading to more followers, referrals, and appointments


E-mail Marketing

Increase patient retention and 
turn patients into your best source of new referrals 
with effective e-mail marketing.

E-mail is a powerful patient-engagement tool because 
it is the most frequently accessed form of communication.

We will write, design, and send out regular e-newsletters 
to engage your patients and generate more appointments.

Medical Cloud Profile

Multiply your income by converting thousands of
online visitors into highly qualified, paying patients.

Your Medical Cloud Profile™ is our proprietary patient acquisition 
system developed exclusively for physicians, healthcare providers 
and medical practices to generate calls and appointment requests.

Your success depends on high conversion rates 
and with our Responsive Medical MarketingTM program 
you get everything to guarantee great results.

Patient Acquisition

Imagine your appointment calendar filling up with 
highly qualified patients with no effort on your part.

You receive e-mail notifications when new patients 
call your office or request appointments online.

All marketing results are tracked, recorded and reported 
to you in full detail. A special recorded phone line enables you 
to monitor the quality of each call and train your staff.

Weekly reports show you exactly how many patients our 
Responsive Medical MarketingTM program is generating for you.


HIPAA-Compliant tracking

Call recordings and online appointment requests generated 
from our Responsive Medical MarketingTM program are 
stored by GuardPHI – HIPAA-compliant, secure online vault system.

Only you and your selected staff members have access 
to the data generated from your marketing campaign.

You get all the tools needed to review incoming patient 
leads and help your staff increase set appointments.

HIPAA compliance sets us apart from other healthcare 
marketing and medical website design companies.

MOST RECOMMENDED and top rated medical website design AND healthcare marketing program.

"Med WebPro offers a unique combination of creative, marketing, technology and business know-how."