Responsive Medical Website Design

Future-proof your medical website with responsive design 
which automatically adjusts its layout, images and content 
to fit the size and resolution of every browser and device.

Responsive medical websites dramatically improve 
visitors’ browsing experience and greatly 
increase patient satisfaction and retention.


Best Medical Website Designs

Make a great first impression. You only get one chance.

Your visitor makes a subconscious decision to stay on
your practice website within the first three seconds. 
Otherwise, they click away to your competition.

Our premium, turnkey website layouts
and fully custom, high-end medical website designs 
inspire your patients’ confidence and build tr


Patient Education Content

Engage, educate and retain your patients with 
informative health articles. It’s now easy!

Imagine having hundreds of pages on topics covering 
symptoms, conditions and treatment options.

Even better, there is no more time-consuming 
task of writing your own website content.

You simply pick the pages you want to feature on 
your website and we take care of the rest.


SEO Friendly Code

Advance your medical practice to the top of the internet search 
engines and enable patients to find you easily on 
Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Website code optimized for speed, security, compliances 
and search engine positions raises your online 
rankings and increases traffic to your practice website.

Videos, photos & Animations

Showcase your practice and expertise with 
online videos, photo galleries and animations.

Highlight your top medical treatments and services 
with beautiful, animated medical website sliders.


Success Stories

Convey the image of utmost professionalism, success, 
education, training and experience to build patient trust.

Share the stories of your happiest patients to inspire confidence.

Patient testimonials, medical associations, fellowships, 
university logos and awards reassure patients that they are 
making the right decision and choosing the best.


Social Sharing

Invite website visitors to share your information 
with their friends and family using social media.

Today, word-of-mouth referrals happen through the social sites, and our websites are designed to enable 
sharing on all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, 
LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.


Patient Resources

Empower patients to easily access important forms, 
questionnaires, documents, privacy notices, and your 
EMR patient portal directly from your website.

Improve the efficiency of your practice, 
reduce unnecessary calls to your office, and allow 
your staff to focus on improving patient satisfaction.

HIPAA Contact Forms

Ensure HIPAA compliance of your website with 
WebToMed’s proprietary, secure medical contact forms.

All data submitted through your website is stored 
in a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based online vault system.

Only you and your staff have password-protected 
access to retrieve full information submitted online.


We host and maintain your website so you 
don’t have to worry about security, uptime or compliance.

You have full access to your website through our 
easy-to-use content management system.

Website traffic reports and visitor statistics are 
available thanks to included Google Analytics.


Our Clients Make Us Proud

Award-winning medical website designs and 
highly effective healthcare marketing campaigns 
that help our clients provide the best quality 
healthcare make us proud of our work.

MOST RECOMMENDED and top rated medical website design AND healthcare marketing program.

"Med WebPro offers a unique combination of creative, marketing, technology and business know-how."